Hello, fellow Dead-Air Movie Lover

Hello, fellow Dead-Air Movie Lovers!

Yes. I can see you now wondering what this website is about. If you are going to re-read again the URL for this page, you’re going to see http://www.deadair-movie.com. And if I am guessing correctly, you are re-directed to this site because you are looking for reviews of the movie Dead Air.

You came at the right place. Because this website is dedicated to everything related to Dead Air. Seems obsessive, I know. But who could blame me? Being a horror movie lover, I found Dead Air a collaboration of something else – something amazing. You’d know what I mean if you have already seen the movie.

This is an ideal movie you could enjoy with your friends, families and loved ones anytime of the day. I watched this with my boyfriend Scott in our garage-turned-theater room. Since our sound system is amazing and contained because we have one of those garage doors installed by the best Albuquerque garage door service that is solid, durable, and sound proof from the outside, the appeal of the movie was compounded astronomically.

What is the Dead-Air Movie?

Dead-Air movie could be classified under Horror, Mystery & Suspense, and Science Fiction & Fantasy Genre. It first appeared in theatres in 2009, and since then created its own name under the direction of Corbin Bernsen. The movie runs for about one and half hours, and for a micro-budget movie, it was made up really well.

The movie was starred by Bill Moseley who took the role of Bill, and Patricia Tallman who was Lucy in the movie. As the movie progressed, my heart almost stopped at every twist and turn of the plot. This is not a ghost-phantom-poltergeist type of a movie. Instead, the horror came from a toxic gas that transformed people into mindless, violent, rage-fueled shell of their former selves.

The movie revolves around the radio station where Logan Burnhardt and his team were trapped in the middle of pandemonium. The gas was released by a terrorist group led by Abir. The goal of this terrorist group is to reach Logan’s studio and to kill everyone in their vicinity. Las Vegas became the primary setting for this movie. So just by knowing that alone, you could already determine the instant consequence of such poisonous gas.

In general, the movie gathered 7 out of 10 star ratings. Many different reviews flooded the movie.

“A movie that is not good for those who have a weak heart.” –Betsy Benson

“When I think it was already over, some twist would cause my heart to jump again.” – Arnold Bumgarner