Whether you are a horror movie fan or not, there is no way you’d miss all exciting products I sell here at the Dead Air site. I just added this portion on my webpage recently because people have been sending me email inquiring where I get my fan souvenirs (Some of you may have encountered my amazing horror movie fan stuff from my social media pages. I usually post this stuff in my Instagram and Facebook accounts).

I talked to the stores where I buy them, and luckily, they agreed to be my supplier for this new business venture of mine. Look around and check out the amazing deals I have in this page. Beware though as the products I have on hand is addicting. Before you know it, you’re bound to get your baskets overflowing as you go around.

What’s more is that some of the fan shirts I sell, I managed to have it signed by your favorite leading stars on a number of horror films. I also managed to convince them to give some of their stuff up for grabs with a promise that some of the proceeds will go straight to a foundation. Good deal, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab your digital grocery carts now and fill the cravings for fantastic horror movie memorabilia. I have several items for sale for the first few weeks to give you guys a good deal for this store opening. Plus, I have other giveaways for the first 30 shoppers that would check out items starting tonight. These are to-die for items that have been a part of the Dead Air set. In addition to all of these good deals, there are still prizes to be won if you get the daily questions right. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!