Hello! I’m building a community for Dear Air Movie lovers and I’m hoping that you will support it and take part of it. This community discusses all things about the Dead Air Movie. We want to know what you think, and this site serves as platform for you to speak your mind freely.

Although this site is about the Dead Air movie, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I am already little by little working on the transformation of it being for everything about horror movies in general. So please expect soon some updates regarding on the latest horror movies out in the market. I’m going to upload some reviews soon and I’m hoping you’d also include your ideas in it.

Since one of the missions of this site is to bring together everyone with common love for horror movies, I also came up with events that we’ll bring us together. Check out the schedule I planned below and include your list in my “going to join” list if you plan on going.



  • Enjoy a non-stop run of your favorite horror movies all night long. The venue would be announced soon. Tentative date is on April 24. Currently, I’m still planning what the playlist would be, but I tend to stick with those underrated ones that I find deserve more appreciation. Indi movies are a consideration too since there is many Japanese and Thai horror movies that have proven to be the type that would exhaust your lungs out from screaming.

I’ll give you more updates when I already finalize this. To those people who plan on joining, maybe you can share some ideas so I can already rent it online. I want something that could be enjoyed by everyone. Do you want it to be gruesome and violent? Or just scary and heart-stopping? Drop an email to my inbox today.