Cross US. It was only ME after all.

You can call me Jane. I’m a 25-year old horror movie lover. Oh. I’m not married. I think that is another horror story that has no ending (haha!). I don’t know when it started but ever since I watched my first horror movie, I never stopped. I have become so loyal to this genre that other types of movies do not hold any appeal to me anymore.

You’d argue that marvel is the bomb, or even other action movies that gathered millions of profits, but that is you. I’m still sticking with my scary ones. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I managed to intentionally finish a movie that is not ghost and horror–related.

Why did I name this site Dear Air? At first, the intention is to simply recognize the brilliance of this movie. But as it progressed, and as many viewers visited what I decided to put here in this site, I discovered that this is not only the underrated movie that deserves to be commended but there is still so much more. Now, I just don’t feel the need to applaud the Dead Air movie, but others as well.

That basically answers the next questions “Will I stop?” and “What now?”

I will not stop. Now, you can expect other movie reviews under the horror genre to be uploaded here soon. It’s funny that while I am writing this, I already have a list of movies in my head that I’m going to include here. Some of which could be your favorites. If you think you know a good movie that went under the radar but deserves to steal the spotlight, email me today and let’s get it featured here together. I would love none other than horror movie fans to be united in creating the drama their movies deserve.